January 12, 2007

... and counting

Three thousand eighty-nine days.

That's how many days ago it was that I ran into my best bud.

It's been the Rinn and Bill Show basically since July 15, 1998. We've done some really great work, we've fought some interesting battles, we've eaten a lot of great lunches, we've played with a bunch of cool animals, we've sipped our share of cold beverages and we've even caught a few fish along the way. Rinn is a part of my immediate family, moreso than any of my other friends.

We have laughed a lot, shed a few tears, shared our dreams, shown each other what trust and team and love are really and truly all about. Her faith in God has strengthened mine in ways I never even knew were possible for me.

Rinn is kindness. And smarts. And patient with me when I don't get it, and challenging to me when I think I get it but really don't. Rinn is my creative sounding board.

Most of all, Rinn is amazing, amazing grace.

So, today is it for Rinn at JMU. She's moving on to a really cool opportunity to do graphic design with a really cool, relatively new and exploding company here in Harrisonburg. My guess is she'll do as many amazing things there as she did here.

I always figured that this day would be the saddest of the sad for me, but you know what's completely cool? It's not. Not even one bit.

These last few weeks since this new road has opened up, Rinn has had her Awesome Rinn Smile back. Seeing that again, after too long, has done my heart immeasurable good.

In one way my buddy is moving on, and then again, in a much deeper, more profound way, she is staying here with me. In this latter way, she is always with me.

Three thousand eighty-nine days ... and counting.

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yellowdog17 said...

And counting, indeed. :-)