January 15, 2007

Some Big Ones for 2007?

One sure thing, and then tenatively three other whoppers on the running horizon for me in 2007.

Umstead 100-Miler is March 31-April 1 in Raleigh. One of my faves, this will hopefully be my eighth finish at this early spring classic.

Then there's a 24-hour race on a soft sand trail at Hampton, Va., April 21 that I hear calling my name. And I am hearing talk of a possible 24-hour track run at nearby Montevideo Middle School sometime in June. If that comes to fruition, well, I HAVE to be on that starting line. Then there's the Hinson Lake 24-Hour race in Rockingham, North Carolina, about a 5.5-hour drive away, in early August.

Ahh, the possibilities. :-)

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Abichal said...

Hi, I'm interested in this talk of a 24 hour in June. Please send me details/rumours at mail at multidays.com