May 9, 2013

Some Things I Know

Some things I know because I am an ultrarunner ...

• There is a lifetime of difference between waking up for a weekday long run at 0300 and 0400. There are two lifetimes of difference same scenario but make the wake-up times 0300 and 0500.

• It doesn’t always get worse.

• It’s easy to remember each real solution to an everyday problem that you come up with when you’re out for a long run. If it’s a real solution, you remember it. And if it’s not, no sweat. And good riddance.

• Patience on a run is oft-times hard-earned. For me, at least.

• Anyone who says a 50K isn’t an ultra has never raced Promise Land 50K. Or Rattlesnake 50K. Or Snowflake 50K on a bitter cold day. Or Catherine’s Big Butt on a late-July scorcher.

• No matter what the weather, cold post-run beer is really, really hard to beat.

• Some of life’s best steps are those first tentative strides that you take once you beat back the overwhelming desire to give up.

• Some friends you make in ultras – if you are lucky – touch your heart forever.

• If you let it, crossing a 100-miler finish line can make you awfully cocky.

• I may not be able to run this next mile, but I can damn sure run to that next tree.

• Sometimes, the way to the silver lining is the most direct path through the pain.

• A couple decent 72-hour race mileage totals change everything.

• The best aspect about an outstanding performance is that you surprise yourself.

• For 23 years I’ve been running ultras, and I still don’t know much about how to run ultras.