November 30, 2006

Left Coast-bound perhaps?

Depends on how the Western States Endurance Run 100-Miler lottery turns out this Saturday.

Mike Whalen, a new ultrarunner who I shared some wonderful time with during the night-time portion of this past summer's Old Dominion Memorial 100-Miler, is offering to pick up the tab for my heading out to California to pace him -- that is, run the last 33 or so miles with him -- in late June 2007. Western is the granddaddy of 100-mile trail racing, and is so popular that there is a lottery for the 470 or so slots.

I've never been interested in doing Western as a race. A little too glitzy for my tastes. But Mike thinks he needs my help, so that seems like a pretty good reason to head west and maybe sample a taste of the big time.

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Anonymous said...

Go West young(?) hippie!