January 30, 2007

A Sweet January

Long run totals for January:

• 15 runs
• 34.5 points
• One loop of the Rivanna Ring Trail with my peeps, with most of the others in the 2:00 to 2:20 range.
• A whole bunch of gorgeous, gorgeous sunrises seen

January 25, 2007

Great start!

A gentle 2-hour run/walk this morning. Then 2 x 8 single-leg bodyweight squats, then 3 x 8 single-leg bodyweight calf raises standing on a bench (and touching a locker for balance help), then a set of 10 pull-ups, then a set of 10 chin-ups. Oh yeah, showered and stuff in there too.

NOW time for some breakfast. :-)

What an awesome, awesome way to catapult myself into the day.

January 15, 2007

Some Big Ones for 2007?

One sure thing, and then tenatively three other whoppers on the running horizon for me in 2007.

Umstead 100-Miler is March 31-April 1 in Raleigh. One of my faves, this will hopefully be my eighth finish at this early spring classic.

Then there's a 24-hour race on a soft sand trail at Hampton, Va., April 21 that I hear calling my name. And I am hearing talk of a possible 24-hour track run at nearby Montevideo Middle School sometime in June. If that comes to fruition, well, I HAVE to be on that starting line. Then there's the Hinson Lake 24-Hour race in Rockingham, North Carolina, about a 5.5-hour drive away, in early August.

Ahh, the possibilities. :-)

January 14, 2007

Streak Update: Still Rollin'

With this morning's 25-minute run/walk -- in a sleeveless T and w/o gloves! -- I now have 167 consecutive days of running without taking a rest day. Yep, that's each day starting with Aug. 1, 2006.

Most of them have been either 20 minutes or 2 hours. Some of them have been bitter cold, such as the 19F start of the Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50-Miler Nov. 3. One day last week was the same. At least that's what some of the women who run from Valley Wellness Center in Harrisonburg said as they were ripping me for having just shorts on my legs. Shorts are good. Less laundry. ;-)

Had a big scare last Saturday when I took a nasty fall running with pals on the Rivanna Ring Trail at Charlottesville. Landed on my back and apparently cracked a couple ribs. Very, very lucky I didn't break a wrist. Or tailbone. Or hip. Or my thick head. Still just a bit sore, but only a bit. Another few days until I can start strength training again, but I'm OK with that ... as long as I can run, that is.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a 3-hour run/walk. I am off work, Heidi is not and Ben is at Gram's, so I have no legit excuse not to take full advantage and crank out a big one. That will mark in end of Week 24 of this streak.

Next significant date: Feb. 14. That will be Day 200, if I keep it going.

January 12, 2007

... and counting

Three thousand eighty-nine days.

That's how many days ago it was that I ran into my best bud.

It's been the Rinn and Bill Show basically since July 15, 1998. We've done some really great work, we've fought some interesting battles, we've eaten a lot of great lunches, we've played with a bunch of cool animals, we've sipped our share of cold beverages and we've even caught a few fish along the way. Rinn is a part of my immediate family, moreso than any of my other friends.

We have laughed a lot, shed a few tears, shared our dreams, shown each other what trust and team and love are really and truly all about. Her faith in God has strengthened mine in ways I never even knew were possible for me.

Rinn is kindness. And smarts. And patient with me when I don't get it, and challenging to me when I think I get it but really don't. Rinn is my creative sounding board.

Most of all, Rinn is amazing, amazing grace.

So, today is it for Rinn at JMU. She's moving on to a really cool opportunity to do graphic design with a really cool, relatively new and exploding company here in Harrisonburg. My guess is she'll do as many amazing things there as she did here.

I always figured that this day would be the saddest of the sad for me, but you know what's completely cool? It's not. Not even one bit.

These last few weeks since this new road has opened up, Rinn has had her Awesome Rinn Smile back. Seeing that again, after too long, has done my heart immeasurable good.

In one way my buddy is moving on, and then again, in a much deeper, more profound way, she is staying here with me. In this latter way, she is always with me.

Three thousand eighty-nine days ... and counting.