March 12, 2008

Make that TWO dogs with everything ...

(Overheard on this morning's 2-hour run ...)

Little Voice Inside My Head: Dude, the veggie thing ain't cuttin' it.
Me: What?

LV: Your diet thing. It's not working.
Me: What?

LV: For one, you have been passing OUT at like 8:15 p.m. every night.
Me: What?

LV: And then you don't even know anything about nutrition OR take the time to fix the right foods. Then you fill in with total crap like candy bars. So the veggie thing is dumb.
Me: You think so?

LV: Plus, most important of all, how can you get your Little Kid on when you don't eat Jess' chili dogs? Or those steak pitas you like so much?
Me: Hmm. Valid points.

LV: I mean, really, aren't you supposed to saving exertion of will for 100-milers and crawlin' outta the rack at 0400 for weekday runs and stuff? What the hell have you been thinkin'?
Me: Umm. That I would feel better?

LV: Dude, you see that piece in Runner's World that says we are burning 591 calories an hour at our easy-run pace? That's, oh, about 1,200 cals a long run. So you're starting most days of late seriously in the hole.
Me: Crap. Really good argument.

LV: Man, are you a dork. Riddle me this: When was the last time you looked at a menu without indecision?
Me: Umm. Christmas?

LV: Exactly. So it's time to get over yourself ... now, go knock down some chili dogs. And chase 'em with onion rings. And a beer. Or two.
Me: OK, OK. You win. I give in. Just go away, OK?

LV: Not to worry. Gone! But I'm sure you'll give me a chance to be back soon.