January 14, 2007

Streak Update: Still Rollin'

With this morning's 25-minute run/walk -- in a sleeveless T and w/o gloves! -- I now have 167 consecutive days of running without taking a rest day. Yep, that's each day starting with Aug. 1, 2006.

Most of them have been either 20 minutes or 2 hours. Some of them have been bitter cold, such as the 19F start of the Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50-Miler Nov. 3. One day last week was the same. At least that's what some of the women who run from Valley Wellness Center in Harrisonburg said as they were ripping me for having just shorts on my legs. Shorts are good. Less laundry. ;-)

Had a big scare last Saturday when I took a nasty fall running with pals on the Rivanna Ring Trail at Charlottesville. Landed on my back and apparently cracked a couple ribs. Very, very lucky I didn't break a wrist. Or tailbone. Or hip. Or my thick head. Still just a bit sore, but only a bit. Another few days until I can start strength training again, but I'm OK with that ... as long as I can run, that is.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a 3-hour run/walk. I am off work, Heidi is not and Ben is at Gram's, so I have no legit excuse not to take full advantage and crank out a big one. That will mark in end of Week 24 of this streak.

Next significant date: Feb. 14. That will be Day 200, if I keep it going.

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