November 14, 2012

Pre-CR24 Notes to Self

Be. patient.

Eat. real. food.

Be. patient.

Change. into. tights.

Be. patient.

Remember. chocolate. milk.

Be. patient.

Tell. funny. stories.

Be. patient.

Find. a. friend.

Be. patient.

Laugh. a. lot.

Be. patient.

Stay. out. there.

Surprise. yourself.

November 9, 2012

CR24 Plan(s)

Crooked Run 24-Hour is almost here. And I have a couple plans. 

Plan A
• Run 2 full laps to shed the nerves
• Run 10 mins. and walk 5 mins. until I get to 50 miles
• Hike all night
• Crush the final 2 hours

Plan B
• Run whenever I feel like it
• Walk whenever the mood strikes
• Be content to work through any bad patches by walking. And eating.
• Stay out there

My 24-Hour format PR is 90.0 miles. I did 82.5 at last year's inaugural Crooked Road, during which it got brutally cold and I took a 2-hour "nap."

This time? Eat. Drink. Run. Walk. Laugh. Repeat.

And be happy with whatever the day gives. Now that would be pretty darn cool.