May 16, 2007

Me and Maddy

Had a spectacular 2-hour run this a.m. on the fire road alongside Madison Run in Shenandoah National Park, a 10-min. drive from my house. It's 5.2 miles of up, then 5.2 of down. Saw a BEAR CUB! Worked through some creative ideas for a project at work. Also had a bit of a brainstorm ... wouldn't it be completely cool to try some repeats here.

If today's one Maddy, a gentle 7-min. run/3-min. walk effort, took two hours, wonder how long two Maddys would take? Three? Maybe some version of Repeat Maddys is the order of the day on Memorial Day Monday?

Was off today to hang with Ben on a field trip, and was thinking of driving in the H-burg anyway and running beforehand. Extra thanks to Rinn for suggesting I go here instead. I forgot how amazingly peaceful Maddy can be.

Me and Maddy go way, way back. She has served as the start and end portions of probably 50 great trail runs across the years with lots of cool running buds. Jones River Falls. Big Run Portal. Black Rock. Jeff, Neil, Pete, etc. Lots of cool memories came rushing back at different times.

It was good to see her again this morning. I have a feeling we'll be getting together again a bunch in the coming months.