August 29, 2009

Ready for something!

August tally: 15 runs of 2 hours or more. Total time of 43:45.

I've been keeping long-run records since 2003. This crushes my heaviest non-100-miler month by 9 hours.

After 3:15 Thur a.m. with Jack Broaddas and then 2:00 Fri a.m. with The Posse, I was gonna phone it in today w/ a streak-saving 25 mins. Instead, found some free time mid-afternoon so ... cashed it in for 2:00 of 7/3. Temp was 93F at the start. Run was muggy as heck. Focused on relaxing during the run phases. Actually felt stronger the final 4.

I've probably eaten 2,000 calories since finishing. So far.

Now, where'd I put that bowl of vanilla ice cream?