August 20, 2008

102, 276, 547

Knocked out a 4:02 effort on the streets of Harrisonburg Tuesday.

That marked No. 102 run of 2 hours or longer for the year. That puts my point total at 276 for 2008.

The 547? That's the total number of consecutive days in my streak, which also equals 1.5 years.

Tuesday sure was a heckuva good day. :-)

August 11, 2008

Nice mix

Significant runs of late ...

Saturday, Aug. 2: Covered 2:34 on fire road and single-track in Shenandoah National Park.

Sunday, Aug. 3: Did 4:16 on flat roads on the Capt. Yancey loop with Bob Ring. Total of 20 miles.

Tuesday, Aug. 5: Punched out 2:30 before work, including 45 mins. at sub-9:00 with Wellness Train members Charlie and Buffy.

Thursday, Aug. 6: A gentle 2:00 of 7/3, most of it on Memorial Hall track.

Friday, Aug. 7: Steady 2:00 of 7/3 on roads before work with Carp and PJ.

Saturday, Aug. 8: A gentle 3:15 at the EMU track. Ran 4 songs, walked 1 x forever. Wore my Columbia boonie. Fine choice on a warm, sunny day.

Some thoughts here: If you kick out the Aug. 2 run and run the numbers conservatively, I just did a 70-mile week. Maaaaaan!

Then during my 1:05 trek this morning, I punched out 3 x 800 in 3:20, 3:12, 3:07. Woo!

I sure am having some fun these days.