June 2, 2009

What's Been Cookin'

How 'bout a quick review of all the fun that I've been having the past month or so? OK, here goes ...

Batesville Days 10km
I finished fourth overall in the 32nd Annual Batesville Days 10km, putting up a 43:34 on a brutally hilly course on a steamy day. Had the honor of suffering like an animal for the final two miles with my brother Bill Potts, who smoked himself the week before on his way to a tie for eighth overall at the Capon Valley 50km. My efforts were good enough for a $25 Ragged Mountain Running Shop gift cert, a cool trophy that Ben has on his dresser :-). Two more major benefits: The orange tie-dye race T will be my favorite for many, many years, and then Potts introduced me to the Batesville Store, a true haven of peace and tranquility. I've been back there twice since (falafel wrap and coffee are A++!), and my new necklace made by children from the Kenyan village Batesville folks sponsor is an ongoing memento of a great, fun effort.

Whadda Triple
Then there was the 6hr/5hr/5hr Memorial Day Trifecta that was an amazing mix of ease, pain, suffering, triumph with just the right amount of beer thrown in to cap it all off. Saturday was 6 hours hiking with Bob Ring out at Wild Oak. Sunday was 5 hours running Rip Rap with Sophie and Q-Bob. Monday was 10 loops of my flat 2.5-mile loop out at EMU, plus an extra half-mile, plus one set of 41 tricep dips, one set of 41 incline push-ups, and a total of 41 burpees. The 41km run and the rest of the Day of 41s Monday was in honor of my dear fellow exercise freak buddy Michelle Huston's 41st b-day the following day. That was sorta in answer (although well short of it on the Studly Scale) of M's freakin' 200 burpees that she did in my honor for my also May b-day. The things we do for our friends! :)

A Solid FCR
Sunday afternoon Ring and I clipped off a 5-mile FCR -- aka Fast Continuous Run -- at 7:43/mile pace out at Montezuma as part of his return to glory plan for an August 10km. He wants to get it down to 7:00 pace before then. I dunno about that, but man did it feel like old times just running side-by-side in full stride with a buddy along a flat country road on a warm day with the breeze at our backs. At one point, I closed my eyes and it was 1982 and I was on the Airport Loop outside Buckhannon, W.Va. Pretty darn cool. So were the post-run Yuengling Lagers. Yum!

Touchdown Jimmys
This morning during our 2-hr. run/walk, Vince Bowman introduced Paul Johnston and me to his version of what we call Touchdown Jimmys. My version has been a 40-second push up the face of a grassy hill on the JMU campus to the wide sidewalk in front of the ISAT/CS Building that features a James Madison statue I think looks a lot like Notre Dame's Touchdown Jesus; hence, Touchdown Jimmy. Vince's version is OMG-harder. Vince's version starts a lot lower on the hill and goes up to my sidewalk and then STRAIGHT up to Touchdown Jimmy himself. How up? So up that I was barely still running. We did three of them this morning. They sucked! And now I want to bag 10 of them before the summer's out.

What's Next
Let's see: Thursday should be 2.5-3 hrs. on Hburg roads. Friday will be 2 with Vince and PJ. Saturday is The Priest with Sophie and a buncha others. Massive climbing and descending. About 3 hours of good, quad- and hamstring-pounding fun.

Highlands Sky 40-Miler is June 20. Expectations for great fun are high as those West Virginia hills.

June 1, 2009

Summer General Strength Progression

This one will give a lot of you a run for your money. It's most def kickin' my butt!

Summer General Strength Progression

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