May 17, 2008

well, anyway,some great OD prep

Came up just a little short on the admittedly pretty lunatic plan to do 2 hrs. Monday through Friday, then Trayfoot with Potts and Sophie.

That's "short," as in I only managed 25 mins. on Friday. Hit the rest of the days as RX'd though. And, when you package that with my having done 2 hrs. on the preceding Fri and Sat, then you get long ones on seven of nine days. 

Trayfoot was, of course, amazing. Sophie and Potts were kind enough to wait for the old, slow guy after they blitzed most of the downhill sections. Potts was shooting video and stills of the morning, which means that some really, really scary stuff may one day appear on YouTube and Flickr. What a fun, fun morning playing in the dirt with two of my faves.

All in all, pretty awesome prep for Old Dominion 100. Woo.

Streak Update: Thursday was Day 450. How cool is THAT?! 

May 2, 2008

All in good fun :-)

So I'm taking a quick break at work and doing a little surfing when I happen on this ad ...

It's for the Salomon XT Wings Challenge. You make up something stupid, then write back after you do it.

So, what the heck, how could I not bite, right?

What follows is the description i wrote ...

To celebrate my 47th b-day on May 9, I am doing a 2-hr. run/walk each day May 5-9, then a 21-miler on the Treyfoot Trail May 10 with my ultrarunning buddies.

(If I pull this off, what awesome training for OD, plus, who knows, maybe some sweet goodies too!)