February 28, 2008

Awesome short day

This morning is a pretty typical "short" day for me.

Did 25 mins. of 4/1 (note: i detest 20F), then followed with some Pilates, yoga, extra abs. Pilates was The Hundred, Leg Beaters (20 each side), Hip Beaters (10 each leg), Bicycle Twists (15 each leg), Superman (10 x 4 counts). Yoga was Drunk Flamingo (2 x 30 secs. each leg), modified Sun Salutation and modified Downward Dog (lotsa ahhhhhh from both). Finished with 60-second Plank and 45-Side Plank x 2.

Add to that a quick stop for some 7-Eleven coffee and you have a great, great way to kick-start the day.