March 21, 2009

Just chillin' ...

at Va. Beach this afternoon. Watching a little NCAA hoops. Havin' a few Yuengling Lagers in the aftermath of a lunchtime visit to Chipotle. Knocked down a veggie bowl, arguably among the most yummy grub I've had for awhile ... and that's saying a lot.

May have to go scare up Bill Potts and his crew in a few.

Sunday should be some major fun. If what I heard during my two hours working the pacer booth this morning come true, we'll have about 20 runners, including first-timers Lauren and her best friend who will be sporting tutus.

Lots of excitement at the expo. Love the chance to tap into all of that.

Oh, my pacing partner Mark? This is only his second marathon. No sweat, though. He spent 30 years working ... as ... a ... Navy SEAL. And if two hours of hanging out is any indication, he's a first-rate guy too.

Weather forecast calls for 36F at start, mid-50s by finish and ... drum roll, please ... only 2 mph wind. Yeah. 2 as in t-w-o.

No matter what, this one ought to be a blast.

March 19, 2009

Ready ... set ...

This Sunday is Shamrock Marathon, where I'm heading up the 4:15 pace group.

In two weeks, it's back to Umstead 100 for a 25- or 26-hour jaunt.

Two weeks after that, it's down to Hampton for a 24-hour where I hope to go farther than the 90 miles I did the last time there, and have high hopes to put up something in the triple digits.

Can I lick all three? Dunno for sure. If I did know, what would be the point? :-)

March 6, 2009

A lil' extra motivation

Umstead 100 Most Finishes …

Male (13) Sprouse, Tom (entered 2009)

Male (10) Lefferts, Peter C (entered 2009)

Female (10) Mason, Louise (entered 2009)

Male (10) Morton, Alex (entered 2009)

Male (9) Fiorito, Mike

Male (8) Calabria, Robert D (entered 2009)

Male (8) Gentry, Bill (entered 2009)

Male (8) Moore, James E

Female (8) Rozanski, Susan

Male (8) Smith, Mike (entered 2009)