October 4, 2007

Vintage me

What's one inch long, a half-inch wide and makes you feel like a complete and utter moron?

That would be the sweet new knot on my forehead, courtesy of an immovable door and my remarkable lack of attention to life's most mundane tasks.

Trying to close the door for my ref buddy this afternoon while in our dressing-room-under-construction at a local middle school and, of course, deep in the midst of what I am sure was a most important convo, I took one hard step toward the door an arm's reach away and -- BAM -- header city.

Paul: Bill, are you OK, dude?

Me: Oh yeah, no worries. I'm good. (Sung to the tune of "Oh yeah, I'm fine. No need to take the keys.")

Paul: Are you sure? I think you lost it there for a second.

Me: No, no. Really. I'll be fine. Let's see? Yeah, head doesn't hurt a bit except for right at that one spot. And I can feel my neck and shoulders, so I'm sure we're good. Well, OK, I may be having a little trouble feeling my elbows right now, but I'm sure that will pass ...

Game went fine. No problems at all. So really all I have to show for my lack of attention is what looks like a gigantic pinkish welt atop my forehead even with my right eye. With any luck, it won't turn blue.

Photos tomorrow if it does. Unless I spend tomorrow babbling like a complete idiot. How will anybody be able to tell the difference? Wow. Great question.

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