October 30, 2007

By The Numbers

With today's 2-hour run/walk marking 36 straight weeks of running each day, it got me thinking about some numbers. A little digging uncovered the following ...

252 days in a row • 110 runs of at least 2 hours • a 100-mile finish at Umstead in March • a 90-miler at the Virginia Run for Cancer 24-Hour Run in April • 73 basketball games officiated (no, none of them count as runs ;-) • a 50km finish at Catherine's Big Butt in July • a 40-miler finish at Highlands Sky in June • a 26.2-miler finish at Shamrock Marathon in March • a 19:26 5km race at Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton on July 4 • 16 weeks of three long runs in the same calendar week • a 6:08 one-mile solo time trial • 5 other weeks of four long runs • 3 different trips around the killer 25-mile Wild Oak Trail • 2 other weeks of 5 long runs

Mix it somewhere around 5,000 crunches, 3,000 push-ups, 1,500 or so pull-ups and a couple hundred 4 a.m. alarm answers and, well, you get a crystalline picture of lunacy.

Wow. I really am a freak. :-)

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