April 17, 2011

THIS is how we roll!!!

Scene: Yesterday. David Frazier's wedding day, so a buncha us took our friend for a trail run up on Kaylor's Knob. Joining in the fun in addition to the Man of the Hour were his blood brother (and later best man at the coolest wedding I've ever been to) Mike Frazier, Carp, Thomas Jenkins, Jack Broaddus, Phil Turk (all the way from Morgantown, West By God!!!), Mike Zook, Vince Bowman, Tom Syre.

In other words, nine uber-studs and then me.

Tornado-like wind. Driving rain. Some gnarly trail. A lotta pristine trail, much of it built by hand by the Shenandoah Valley Bike Coalition forces who include a buncha the dudes there Saturday. A toast at the top of Kaylor's. A whole lotta laughs.

Oh yeah. Nine of the 10 of us wore shirt and tie.

All in all, vintage!!!

Some photos for my Me Wall ...

(From left): Phil Turk, Carp, me.

Me at my finest ...

(Thanks, MikeFraz, for setting this thing up, for shooting all this photos and, most importantly, for being a constant reminder to us about what it's really like to love someone as much as you love your brother. My life is a lot better because I have you guys in it. Same goes for most of these other knuckleheads involved in this particular affair.)


Rick Gray said...

Priceless - Memories forever!

eminnick said...

I love it!!

Phil said...

A great time, Bill!

ultrarunnergirl said...

LOVE the outfits. Back in my hashing days, they called this "Hash Formal" dress. Nothing like some zany antics with friends - those are always the best memories!