April 12, 2011

Big boy gear

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a real, true head lamp. The Petzl Myo 3. Technology. Wow. No more $8 flashlights from Lowe's for me. No sir. Now, I'm big time.

Now, you may actually be able to see me at the same time that you hear me. Well, maybe.


ultrarunnergirl said...

LOL! Great photo of you. :)
I like the headlamp for hands free, but after awhile I get the "tunnel" effect.

And Miles 2 Go said...

Thanks, K. I'm thinking this needs to be an FB profile shot at some point. :) Re: tunnel, this one can be dialed around similar to the way the archaic Mini Mag-Lite worked. Seems as if that could help with tunnel. Maybe. Will be fun to try and see.

Sophie Speidel said...

That is the light I use (sorry I didn't respond to your email---got away from me). I also use a super light handheld that I got from REI (can't remember the name). Perfect for trails to have both, but for track and Umstead you won't need two.

jenn said...

I have a myo too! great headlamp. I think for PL 50k I'm going to use a cheapo though.. we will only need it for an hour and those petzl myo's cost so much I'd freak out if I lost it/didn't get it back post race;o)
if horty lets me run hellgate, I plan on using my myo and when I pace kathleen at MMT in may:o)

yep, bill you are going BIG TIME for the fair!! i'm so excited for you buddy!!! :o) see you soon at PL! WOO! :o) I agree this would be a good FB profile pic