August 11, 2010

When I Run

When I run, I'm a 15-year-old with my whole life ahead of me. When I run, I'm a gazelle. When I run, everything eventually makes sense.

When I run, the world is right. When I run, problems dissolve. When I run, creativity flows. When I run, I am closer to God than any other time.

When I run, I am a great dad. When I run, I am a moving writer. When I run, poetry comes easily. When I run, tension melts.

When I run, old friends run with me. When I run, boundless energy follows. When I run, imagination comes alive. When I run, resolve personifies. When I run, my mood soars.

When I run, nature engulfs me. When I run, my smile is ceaseless. When I run, priorities untangle. When I run, my dreams come true.

When I run, I am fearless. When I run, I am strong. When I run, responsibilities vanish. When I run, I get lost in happiness.

When I run, I become -- if only for a couple hours -- the person I am meant to be.


ultrarunnergirl said...

Oh B, this is wonderful.

Shoes to Success!! said...

Funny... I just wrote a similiar piece after a run on Monday!

Savoring each moment before school calls us back and lazy morning runs are a thing of rare beauty.

Thank you for posting a bit about us on your twitter feed.

Send a note if you want a fellow piece to enjoy... not nearly as eloquent, and different in style than yours.... but perhaps you'd enjoy.

Cheerful Peace!

amy said...

Love this!

Rick Gray said...

The ability to run. What a great gift we have been given. Thank you for the wonderful words that sum it all up.

Casseday said...

Good stuff Gentry - I'm feeling more toward the poem's antithesis of late. . . "When I can't run" - it's a much darker version. Starts w/ a nasty sprained ankle and ends w/ frustration and despair.

Iron Mountain Trail Runners said...

sooo good! i find it difficult to put into words how running makes me feel, but this explains it on so many levels. thanks for sharing that! beth.

And Miles 2 Go said...

Thanks, you guys, for the kind words.

@ Adam: Be kind to yourself and get better FAST!

Sophie Speidel said...

Good, good stuff. I want to send it in to UR mag. OK?

And Miles 2 Go said...

sure, Soph. wow. OK by me. :)