August 29, 2010

The full-on def of WOOT!

Yup. Looks like I am a member of the inaugural team at The Runner's Corner, my buddy Craig Lowry's Harrisonburg, VA-based running shop.

Three words: Pretty. dang. kewl!!!


Sophie Speidel said...


Rick Gray said...

Cool threads! Can't wait to see you wearing your new attire.

ultrarunnergirl said...

Nice! When will we see you next in your stylin' new gear?

And Miles 2 Go said...

Not sure, K. Next uup for me is Hinson Lake 24-Hour down in Carolina Sept. 25-26, so ... may have to break these out for a loop or two of TWOT. Or maybe something or another of the WV Trilogy.

So many choices. :-)