December 3, 2007


Yup. It's that time of the year again. Basketball season is here in all its glory.

That means I hit the court 4-5 games a week for much of the next three months. Reffing is a nice break from work, a little extra running of a slightly different sort and a pretty fair supplement to the ol' pocket book. No adverse effects on the running, other than that I get home sort of late on occasion and maybe are a wee bit charged up when it comes time that I actually need to fall asleep.

Last week I worked varsity girls Wednesday, eighth-grade boys Thursday, JV boys Friday and then a girls' varsity/girls' varsity/boys' varsity triple-header Saturday. The week's running included at least 2-hour runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Got some really good strength training sessions in too.

Grueling physical effort? Nah. Glutton for punishment? Nope. Aging fool fully engaged in the ever-pressing pursuit of the poetry of a life in motion?

All depends on how you look at it, I guess.

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BRFOOT said...

As someone who used to coach boys AAU basketball, I could not imagine the kind of stuff a ref has to put up with. GOOD JOB!