February 6, 2007

Will I? Won't I?

Maybe an inch of fresh snow covering things up out there right now on a quiet Tuesday night. Forecast calls for maybe three.

Will I outduel the Cover Monster in time to cruise for a 2-hour jaunt in the chilly a.m.? Or will I settle for extended rest (after letting Sherman out and feeding him, of course) and just do 20 minutes like this morning?

Am I still feeling the effects of Monday's 2 hours that ended in a 15-minute post-run shiver fest, the result of doing the final 20 minutes smack into the teeth of a 15 mph wind coupled with a 12F air temp. Not, shall we say, one of my finest moments. Physical impact was gone by this morning. The mental impact is still there, however. It was work more than play. It bordered on obligation, some weird sense of "I HAVE to do this or else." Not looking to repeat that any time soon.

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