February 15, 2007

... and in with the new

OK, so the Streak of Aug. 1, 2006 finally ran its course, thanks to the massive after-effects of that shiver-fest Monday long run of a last week. I took last Friday as a sick day, lying around sniffling and feeling sorry for myself, then decided not to run again until Monday.

So, I spent much of Saturday and Sunday contemplating a training program that includes specific gym days, specific days off each week from running, lots of specificity regarding long runs, speedwork, really long runs. It was a really great plan. Well, it would be. For somebody serious about competition. Like me. Ten years ago me.

The Today Me? I'm good as is. Which means Monday, Feb. 12, 2007 is the new streak kick-off day.

Hopeless and yet so hopeful at the same time. :-)

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