May 7, 2018

A little race next week

Some of my recent and not-so-recent numbers banging around in my noggin as the packing begins for next week's 144-hour extravaganza at 3 Days at the Fair in New Jersey ...

280      straight days in the current run streak, starting Aug. 1, 2017

1:44:00 per day runwalk average during this stretch

47      percentage of days I have done only a 20-minute runwalk during this stretch

     races or training days that lasted somewhere between 8 hours and 27 hours during this timeframe

13    double-long-run Sundays during 2018

2     different training blocks of 10 2-hour runwalks in 10 consecutive days during this current build-up

150   calories an hour, my singular goal for every waking hour during next week's 6-day race

314   miles, my total at this race last year, my inaugural foray into the 6-day world

63    miles, my longest single-day mileage total last year, Day 6

40    miles, my shortest single-day total, Day 5

1,545  career miles on the upcoming 3 Days at the Fair course during this event (1 x 48 hours, 6 x 72 hours, 1 x 144 hours)

1  guarantee that there will be so much laughter to go along with the tired feet, aching legs and sleep-deprived ravings

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