April 22, 2016

Running is ...

Running puts me with my people. Running gets me out of my head and completely in my head at the same time. Running is the thing I do better than all the other things.

Running allows me to eat whatever I want. Running keeps me awake at night. Running gets me out of bed in the morning. Running makes the nap a necessity, and a distinct pleasure.

Running is my reason for so many other activities like yoga and strength work that complement it. Running betters my days. Running gives me concentrated time to help shape my perspective.

Running is who I am. Running is who I want to be. Running makes me whole.

Running shapes my words. Running fuels my self-discovery. Running hones my grit.

Running helps me choose which dreams to chase. Running makes me vulnerable. Running heals me.

Running is simple. Running is profound.

Running is my canvas.

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