November 9, 2012

CR24 Plan(s)

Crooked Run 24-Hour is almost here. And I have a couple plans. 

Plan A
• Run 2 full laps to shed the nerves
• Run 10 mins. and walk 5 mins. until I get to 50 miles
• Hike all night
• Crush the final 2 hours

Plan B
• Run whenever I feel like it
• Walk whenever the mood strikes
• Be content to work through any bad patches by walking. And eating.
• Stay out there

My 24-Hour format PR is 90.0 miles. I did 82.5 at last year's inaugural Crooked Road, during which it got brutally cold and I took a 2-hour "nap."

This time? Eat. Drink. Run. Walk. Laugh. Repeat.

And be happy with whatever the day gives. Now that would be pretty darn cool.

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