August 19, 2011

From the "can-this-REALLY-happen?" file drawer ...

Latest ridiculous non-event brainstorm: Reddish Knob Road 100-Miler.

Briery Branch Dam to the top is 6.7 miles. 6.7 x 15 equals 100.5M. That is an estimated 39,000 feet of elevation change. If you start at the top, it would be 7 Reddish summits. If you start at the bottom, 8 Reddish summits.

When Mike Frazier, Jack Broaddus and I just did the Reddish Knob Marathon, the 26.8M jaunt took me 5:10. That was only two down-and-ups. And that was with running the final 2 miles without walk breaks. That was also on a thoroughly overcast day. That was also with me knowing that I was only gonna be out there about 5 hours.

Let's see ... 100 miles of Reddish road. Seven or eight summits. 39K of change. Um ... can anybody say 36 hours or so (maybe?).

Oh. boy.

Good thing I have a 24-hour coming up the end of September.

Really, really good thing.


Rick Gray said...

This sends me over the edge just thinking about it!

Griffin said...

If you used the store at the bottom as basecamp and supplies you could go from there which is 12 miles to the top, then 12 miles back down. Four times and small out and back and you would have 100 miles.

Sign me up!!!!

ultrarunnergirl said...

Wow. Can't wait to hear the report on this one! And I have no doubt you will do it, with style!