January 17, 2011

On the Move

Today for lunch, I ate an entire large pepperoni pizza. All by myself. After a 2-hr. runwalk of 8 mins. run/2 mins. walk. That was on top of yesterday's 5-hr, 25-min. runwalk of 3 mins. run/2 mins. walk. I'm expecting to kick out another 2-hr. runwalk tomorrow, which is Tuesday. And Thurs. and Fri. And either Sat or Sun.

If I'm reading the calendar correctly, Umstead 100-Miler is 11 weeks in the future. And the Three Days at the Fair 72-hour is another five weeks from there. So the time to bumpity-bump-bump the training up a bit seems to be now. Combine this with a flurry of activity at work and the loooooooong days thanks to before-work runs and after-work travel/refereeing and we have the perfect environment to simulate a multi-day ultra. Now, if I could only find some people to scream obscenities at me around, say, 8 p.m. at Umstead or any of the nights at Three Days, well, I think I'd feel right at home.

Great start to the year. Counting today, I have 10 long runs for a total of 27:10. Staying consistent with the supplemental stuff too -- the low-key, in-my-living room yoga and Pilates, bodyweight leg exercises, and also the back-and-forth, sometimes-really-fast hoops referee running. It's all training, and it's all good.

I'm all over the map with goals for Umstead, the 72 and Old Dominion 100. Sometimes, I feel as if I want to rip it at all three. Other times, I feel content to just do whatever I can to get to the finish line of each. In the end, I expect the latter will win out. Seems to be my way this last decade or so. And that seems to be working pretty OK.

Streak is at ... lemme see ... 1,428 days. Year 4 is Feb. 17. Still having a LOT of fun with it. Still completely motivated by it. Yet to have a day when I just flat did not feel like going out. Not really sure how to explain it. Very thankful that there is no need to. :)

Eleven weeks to Umstead. 16 weeks to Three Days. A handful more after that until OD 100. Yippee skippy!

Do I have any clue at all what I am doing here? Nope. Am I having the time of my running life these days? Yes. Yes I am.


Rick Gray said...

Not knowing what we are doing is so much fun and I can tell you are really having the time of your life!

jenn said...

hey I want some pizza!!! :o) thanks so much for the nice comments on my bloggy blog! miss ya and hope to be able to run with you soon, my friend! I had so much fun picking your brain at the solstice run.. I have a million more running questions for you and love hearing your stories!

take care and have an AWESOME WEEK!!