September 18, 2008

Right around the corner now

That would Hinson Lake 24-Hour, a new-for-me race held on a 1.52-mile mostly dirt loop in the burg of Rockingham, N.C. It happens Sept. 27-28. 0800 start.

A little research provides that 66 loops is something like 100.3 miles. That would be a pleasant number to hang.

The run/walk strategy for this one will be 5/5 in hopes of saving enough energy to actually keep cranking after dark. It's been awhile since I have managed to do that. Then again, it's been awhile since I've been this fit.

Nutrition: I've been experimenting with Accelerade, an Endurox product that seems to me to basically be Gatorade with protein added to it. The fruit punch is fairly tasty. Also planning to use green tea, a few Ensure Plus, peanut butter crackers and probably some store-bought trail mix.

Last week was the last real week of the build-up. I did 2 hrs. Wed, Thur, Fri and then 5:08 on trails mostly in the gorgeous Elliot's Knob area (THANKS SOPH!!!) on Sun. Awesome, awesome cap to a really, really stellar last several months.

I am already getting psyched. :-)


Fur maid said...

Hey, how 'bout that Pepcid, too?

Sophie Speidel said...

You are most welcome. That was a killer run on Sunday. I LOVE those trails. Come out to Gstone and run a few :-)

Hey, you are gonna ROCK Hinson Lake. Just taper smart and eat a little bit a lot of the time, even when you don't feel like it. I'll be thinking of you!! Wooo-hooo!!!