August 11, 2008

Nice mix

Significant runs of late ...

Saturday, Aug. 2: Covered 2:34 on fire road and single-track in Shenandoah National Park.

Sunday, Aug. 3: Did 4:16 on flat roads on the Capt. Yancey loop with Bob Ring. Total of 20 miles.

Tuesday, Aug. 5: Punched out 2:30 before work, including 45 mins. at sub-9:00 with Wellness Train members Charlie and Buffy.

Thursday, Aug. 6: A gentle 2:00 of 7/3, most of it on Memorial Hall track.

Friday, Aug. 7: Steady 2:00 of 7/3 on roads before work with Carp and PJ.

Saturday, Aug. 8: A gentle 3:15 at the EMU track. Ran 4 songs, walked 1 x forever. Wore my Columbia boonie. Fine choice on a warm, sunny day.

Some thoughts here: If you kick out the Aug. 2 run and run the numbers conservatively, I just did a 70-mile week. Maaaaaan!

Then during my 1:05 trek this morning, I punched out 3 x 800 in 3:20, 3:12, 3:07. Woo!

I sure am having some fun these days.

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