April 30, 2007

Virginia 24-Hour Run for Cancer

I did 90 miles in 22:30.

Ran the whole way with Suzanne Weightman from Pennsylvania, who went on to set a women's record of 95.75. Fun hanging with her. She finished with the guys' winner, who did 113.75, his first time past SIXTY-EIGHT!

Ran strong but had a bad stomach all night and ran out of gas. I didn't take close to enough choices for aid. I need chicken soup and coffee at night. I had two impressive pukes near the end there. Could have kept walking, but didn't really see the point with my tummy in such disarray. Was never reduced to just walking, but the sour gut eroded and eventually erased my willpower.

OK, here's something of interest: I had a bowl of Spaghettio's (Sue had a camp stove), then did a lap. Drank some Ensure to start the next lap, then halfway through have an amazing power yak ... of ONLY Ensure. Not sure how that was possible, but seeing was, in this case at least, believing.

Course: All OK gravel road with about .75 mile of root-infested trail. You can do the trail at night without kicking roots if you go single file.

So the way George works it is this: There is a half-mile marker, so when you come to the end and don't think you can do an entire loop but still want some more miles, you just do out-and-backs. Nice feature, I think.

That was 4/21-22. Now it's May 1, I am completely recovered and I'm thinking, "Hmmmm. Next year I need to bring a cooler with green tea, V-8, Lunchables, Power Gel, Fritos ..."

Hope springs eternal. :-)

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