March 20, 2007

Pacer Boy strikes again

Shamrock was completely and utterly awesome!

I helped a couple dozen marathoners hit 4:00 or slightly faster as an official member of the Shamrock Pacer Group. What fun!

Up to 10 miles, we were anywhere from 20 seconds to 40 seconds slower than 9:09/mile pace -- the average mile pace needed for a 4:00 marathon. I rolled us up to 11 seconds slow at 13.1 miles, the halfway mark, then backed off as the more vocal members of the tribe quieted.

Forty seconds slow at Mile 17, I gathered the forces and announced that it was time to mount the ponies and close the gap, and that we were going to do this gently in hopes of not having anybody run a particular mile too fast and blow a gasket or two. Whittling away, we passed Mile 19 20 seconds slow, Mile 21 10 seconds slow and hit Mile 23 precisely when my countdown timer hit 0:00! How cool is THAT?!

I finished in 3:59:47, then it was Rock Star Status with much hand-shaking and several photo ops in between two of the coldest Yuengling I have ever quaffed (nothing like a beer company sponsoring your marathon!). Weird though, having the stew line three times longer than the beer line.

Totally enjoyable day on the run.

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