September 25, 2006

Day 56

Got in a light 25-minute run/walk this morning. Run four minutes, beep goes the countdown timer, walk one minute, beeeeeeep, repeat. Pleasant orange glow and a little gentle sweat to help kick-start the otherwise pretty ordinary day.

Today was Day 56 in a row of running for me, dating back to Aug. 1. Hadn't really set out to put together such a streak, which includes having covered the 105 miles of the Skyline Drive in three straight days.

Physical assessment: Legs feel good. Energy is up. Minimal morning stiffness. None of the telltale signs that say, "Hey, Knucklehead, take a rest day!" So maybe I ride this one out a bit longer and see what happens.

My all-time streak record isn't in any legit danger. That would be 2,465 days, or 6.75 years that covered my final three years at West Virginia Wesleyan and the first 3.75 years after. Sometimes, that seems a lifetime ago. That is, until I am actually on the run. :-)

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