July 7, 2006

Training Camp

With my fam on vacation in Florida and me hanging out at home with Sherman, here was Training Camp 2006 (Subtitle: My Short Foray into Life as a Pro Runner Sans the Paycheck).

Thursday, June 29 - 6:15 with Bob out near The Wild Oak Trail. Big climb up to Reddish Knob (one of those rare almost 360-degree views), then road back. We're guessing 28 miles. Great heat training.

Friday, June 30 - weights, yoga, Pilates a.m. before work; :30 run after, including hammering a lap around the gravel trail at Mountain View Park in Grottoes in 10:10. My guess: NOT the 1.5 miles it's advertised to be. First fast running I've done in forEVER. Great fun. Push-mowed the yard 1:30 in the evening.

Saturday, July 1 - 2:00 of 7 mins. run/3 mins. walk to Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport and back. Comfy. Push-ups and abs before bedtime.

Sunday, July 2 - Gentle :45 run. Quads feeling remarkably good considering the Friday/Saturday combo. Lifted heavy in the afternoon.

Monday, July 3 - :30 a.m.; 2:00 of 7/3 p.m. in big heat. Pilates before bed.

Tuesday, July 4 - 5:25 on the 20-mile Browntown Loop with VHTRC peeps. About 20 folks in all. Excellent climbing and descending. Nice stop-over at a wonderful country store near the middle to wait a bit for the group to re-form. Wonderful cool-off in a mountain stream afterward.

Totals - 17:25 of running/hiking. 82 miles, give or take a few. Five supplemental training sessions.

When i started ultrarunning 15 years ago, this would have been a month and a half of long runs. :-)

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