May 26, 2006

pre-OD jitters

Will it be hot? Will it rain? How will it be at night? Will my stomach hold up OK? Will I finish? Will I suffer? Will it be fun?

Tomorrow is the Old Dominion Memorial 100-Miler. Two out-and-back treks from the town of Woodstock up and over into the Fort Valley. All road. No trail. Big, steep 2-mile road climb followed by a more gentle 3-mile drop happens twice. Rolling hills the rest of the way, basically.

For this one, I am bringing my own supplies. Typically I just eat and drink whatever the race provides. This time, I am going for it supplies-wise. Green tea, Equate meal replacement drink, pineapple juice, Fritos, gummies. Will be worth it tomorrow and Sunday, but so far it has just been a whole bunch more things to think about.

This one is definitely not Umstead 100, my fave that I have finished seven times. Umstead is comfy. OD Memorial is raw. At Umstead, there are 200-plus starters and cots if you need a nap. Saturday there will be 35 starters. Maybe.

Will this weekend be the most difficult running thing I have done? No. Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 took me 34 hours. And the 71-mile Massanutten Ring Trail took me just less than 23. So no, I don't expect ODM to be harder than those. Different, but probably not harder. Probably not. Like I said, lots of unknowns.

Am I fit? Totally. Am I nervous? A little. Am I excited? Absolutely.

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