November 18, 2013

Find the Fun

Well, lookit here. Crooked Road 24-Hour is this coming Saturday (and Sunday).

Let’s see: First year – 82 miles. Last year – 85 miles. Haven’t been very tough once the lights go out either year on this slightly-less-than-1-mile layout.

No clue what the final outcome will be this go-round, yet I’m optimistic.

This time around, I’m trying a different approach. Think Small.

Mostly my own aid.

No watch, which means running and walking as the terrain dictates. Walk the inclines, especially that fairly short but fairly steep hill that I think running up much of the day and night has contributed to my super pathetic nights the past two years.

Bringing the serious winter tights.

Enjoying little feet-up mini-breaks every 2 hours or so.

Think small. Handle what’s in front of you. Ignore the rest of it. And if things get bleak — as they inevitably do at times — fix what’s fixable and find the Fun in the grind.

Plan: Find joy, latch onto it and never, ever let it be wrestled from my paws.

More miles this time? Dunno about that, but what I do know is that there is much fun to be had this weekend, and I’m gonna do my best to make sure that I am present for every single moment of it.